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Factory farming our kids – or the EU and education

Laugh or cry? If you’re not sure, just ask the EU. I’m sure it will tell you which way you should be thinking.

Education Ministers discussed active citizenship education, and related educational policy objectives… Minister of State Rózsa Hoffmann, pointed out, “We must answer the question, to whether our educational systems prepares the youth appropriately, to become active and responsible citizens.”

Whatever happened to education as a way of preparing youngsters for a fulfilling life? Now apparently education is designed to make good little European Citizens. Midwich Cuckoos?

The Minister of State for Education of the Ministry of National Resources stressed: the purpose of citizenship education is to teach students to think, and responsibly participate in economic, political, social and cultural life.

There was me thinking that the purpose of education was to teach us about Kafka; not to emulate his Castle. Now, all line up neatly and repeat after me: Credo in unum EU, EC omnipoténtem, factorem cæli et terræ, visibílium ómnium et invisibílium.

Still, we shouldn’t really have too much sympathy for our youth; after all, the current world economic crisis is entirely their fault:

The Minister of State did not conceal her opinion that “Perhaps the global economic crisis could have been less severe, if the youths had adopted a more conscious attitude to decision-making.”

We haven’t bequeathed our kids years of debt, because it was them as did it to us! Honestly, I’m not making up any of this. Please stop the world: I want to get off…

Youths need active citizenship education

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