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The ten internet rights and principles

It’s very sad, but urination and wind comes to mind. I’m talking about the Ten Internet Rights and Principles compiled and promoted by the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition (IRP). It’s a document we should support; they are principles we need. They include basic stuff like

All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights, which must be respected, protected and fulfilled in the online environment.


Everyone has an equal right to access and use a secure and open Internet.

All highly principled and non-threatening. But then we get to the more demanding stuff:

Everyone has the right to seek, receive, and impart information freely on the Internet without censorship or other interference.


Everyone has the right to privacy online.

and especially

Everyone shall have universal and open access to the Internet’s content, free from discriminatory prioritisation, filtering or traffic control on commercial, political or other grounds.

This they, meaning governments, cannot allow. If we have the Ten Rights we shall have Internet freedom. If we have freedom in cyberworld, we can maintain freedom in the physical world. But the fundamental principle of political evolution is the erosion of personal freedom – so these Rights will be denied. Gently, firmly and for our own good; but denied all the same.

10 Rights and Principles

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  1. April 7, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    Even though we have these 10 Internet rights and principles, but in my opinion its they look good either in a book or somewhere written down in a blog. As we all know Internet doesn’t have any borders in terms of its own reach. Few countries tried that by blocking facebook in Arab Countries,but still people are accessing it with the help of VPN. So my question here is , If internet access should be all about principles then people should not use it but if its about rights then no country or any governing body has the right to block the access of any websites either by the country or by anyone. Right to privacy – Yes we all know we do have to rights to privacy but still companies do look into the computer usuage history of employees.

    In my opinion its very hard to define or saggregate the white and black of internet.


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