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Neelie’s off to Bilderberg – looking forward to her next blog!

Neelie Kroes is Vice President of the European Commission, and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda. The Digital Agenda is, of course, an Agenda for big business and political leaders – it is not a digital agenda for the people of Europe. That’s why I’m not in the slightest bit surprised to see that she is, this weekend, attending the annual secretive Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland (full list here).

Neelie Kroes is also an avid blogger (well, frequent, at least). Her most recent blog was on World IPv6 Day (8 June 2011), where she commented on the subject:

It will offer many advantages including larger address, space, support for new mobile and wireless services and built-in security.
Testing IPv6 today

Not, to my mind, a very accurate description of the subject. Still, she was probably in a hurry, busy packing for this weekend’s shoulder rub with the great and good, such as Pascal Lamy, Director General, World Trade Organization; Robert B. Zoellick, President, The World Bank Group; Keith B. Alexander, Commander, USCYBERCOM; Director, National Security Agency; Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.; Kevin Warsh, Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board; and of course our very own Lord Prince of Darkness Mandelson.

I am so looking forward to Neelie’s blogs next week, where in the great tradition of open government she is bound to explain the latest decisions on World Governance. I wonder who’s paying for this jolly jaunt?

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