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Neelie Kroes: the Bilderberg blog she hasn’t written yet

Last week I looked forward to Neelie’s blog on her attendance at this year’s Bilderberg Conference. She hasn’t yet had time to pen this; so I thought, as a professional ghost writer, I’d offer to do it for her.

As we end the first year of the Digital Agenda in Europe, it’s time to look forward to the next. It’s been an exciting and inspiring year: we have succeeded in promising much and delivering nothing beyond our own plans for the internet.

Last weekend I was honoured to be summoned by Bilderberg. This is where the great leaders of the world, from the US, the EU and the Banks, set down the agenda for the future. And I’m proud to report that we, the EU, are right up there with them. Our Digital Agenda is bang on course. Our use of the copyright principle is working. We need to support the rightsholders – it shows that we care about business and brings in more tax euros (and dollars for our American friends and pounds for the UK) than we could ever get from other means of distribution.

It does mean, of course, that we need to have tighter control of the internet, so we all decided to push forward on worldwide (or at least the-world-that-matters) adoption of ACTA – and I was able to confirm to our friends that the EU will act on this. Even Boy George agreed, with the UK’s Home Office declaring its intention to filter the internet; and its Digital Economy Act already providing more than half of what we want with ACTA.

So, as I return from Switzerland, I am filled with hope and excitement for the future. By the next Bilderberg Conference, if I am lucky enough to get the summons again, I am convinced that I shall be able to report on great progress for the Digital Agenda: enactment and enforcement of ACTA, effective internet censorship able to block terrorist and pedophile and money laundering sites like WikiLeaks, and an end to the dangerous state of net neutrality. We have exciting and testing times ahead – but with your help and support I know we shall succeed.

Neelie’s blog

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