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The pharmaceutical companies want to force vaccination on your children whether you like it or not

Is there no limit to what they’ll do to usurp our independence and increase their profits? Clearly the answer is no; and although the question could apply to numerous situations and numerous organisations, in this instance I’m talking about the pharmaceutical companies. In particular, “A Statement Regarding Personal Belief Exemption from Immunization Mandates” from The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society and dated March 2011. In short, it claims that parents should not be able to say “Do not vaccinate my child”.

Some states allow for exemption based on the secular personal beliefs of the parents. However, states do not allow religious or personal belief exemption from other laws or regulations designed to protect children. For example, parents cannot be exempted from placing infants in car seats simply because they do not “believe” in them. Likewise, states do not allow exemption from laws designed to protect others. For example, parents cannot allow their children to drive cars without a license, because this may place others (as well as the children) in harm’s way. Whether or not children should be vaccinated before childcare or school entry ought not be a matter of “belief”. Rather, it should be a matter of public policy based on the best available scientific evidence, and in this case the science is definitive: vaccines are safe and they save lives.
A Statement Regarding Personal Belief Exemption from Immunization Mandates

I do not understand why the pharmaceutical industry (you can guarantee that the money ultimately comes from the industry) is allowed to promote such contentious issues in such a matter-of-fact manner. There are many studies that show that vaccines are not safe and destroy lives. These reports are vigorously suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies with both active and passive support from governments.

But whichever side you take, it is parents, not the industry, that should have responsibility for decisions regarding their own children. This creeping, nay, galloping usurpation by the State over the rights of the individual has got to stop.

This report is in the USA. But parents in the UK and Europe should not relax. What happens there will happen here. It’s the same pharmaceutical companies and the same drive for profits on both sides of the Atlantic.

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