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Miliband targets Cameron with detail+charity in PMQs

Ed Miliband thinks he has a winning wheeze when taking on caring Cameron at PMQs. While Ed cannot see the wood for the trees, poor Dave sees the wood but not the individual trees. So Ed has begun to attack by using detail taken from a charity. The result is detail our Dave hasn’t come across from a source he cannot attack.

Last week Ed quoted from the Macmillan charity suggesting that 7000 cancer patients stand to lose £94 per week. This week (today) he attacked the proposals (actually the EU requirement) that innocent people are removed from the police DNA database, and he quoted Angie Conway of campaign group Rape Crisis, who said: “With the reporting of rapes on the increase and conviction rates still shockingly low, the evidence this database provides is vital. The more of this data we hold, the more chance we have of catching rapists.”

You cannot criticise MacMillan or Rape Crisis without appearing to be an absolute, uncaring cad. But it is so sad that Miliband is reduced to playing politics with such personally serious and potentially tragic issues. And it also shows that Miliband and the Labour party have not learned from their electoral defeat – they still want to hold database detail on all of us.

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