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Infosecurity Magazine links arms with Infosecurity Europe. What future for the SC Magazine Awards?

Infosecurity Magazine at Elsevier Ltd evolved from Infosecurity Today at Reed Exhibitions. The earlier publication was effectively an advertorial opportunity for the Infosecurity exhibition and conference (now Infosecurity Europe) run by Reed Exhibitions. The incentive to play one against the other was always too great – the original magazine was full of articles and commentary on and about the show exhibitors – just another reason to exhibit, free editorial in the magazine.

It is almost impossible to suspect that breaking this connection was the prime reason for changing the name to Infosecurity Magazine and growing it within Elsevier Ltd. But whatever the reason, under the new editorship of Eleanor Dallaway, (and Drew Amorosi in the States) Infosecurity Magazine has grown and evolved into one of the world’s leading security magazines (I have to declare an interest here as an occasional contributor to the magazine).

But in marketing terms, it makes no sense to keep two successful entities (the magazine and the conference) separate from each other. And now that the magazine can stand on its own independent editorial feet, the solution is obvious: move it back from Elsevier Ltd to Reed Exhibitions (they are, after all, sister companies).

And to think I wondered why the SC Magazine Awards are no longer so closely linked to Infosecurity Europe!

I believe that Eleanor and Drew have the character to prevent the magazine reverting to a house magazine for the show. I hope and believe they will. But I can’t help wondering whether the SC Awards can survive without Infosecurity Europe – especially when we eventually but inevitably see the new Infosecurity Magazine Awards announced at future Infosecurity Europe conferences.

Infosecurity Magazine
Infosecurity Europe

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