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Sorry, but I rather like Google; and I especially like Google+

I can’t help it. I like Google. As a security commentator I shouldn’t. But I do. Apart from a few aberrations like Buzz and that email sharing thing that I can’t even remember, Google does good products. And apart from a few aberrations like that WiFi collection episode, it tends to do less evil than many others.

Now we all know there’s no free lunches in this life. Free comes at a price (excluding OSS which I salute!). So I know that there is an unseen contract between me and Google. Use of Gmail, use of Google Docs, use of the search engine is all paid for by my willingness to give up some personal information and receive (in Google’s case, really quite unobtrusive) advertising. (There’s a lot more involved, but so far I accept this contract.)

And now we have Google+. And this I really, really like. Take Facebook. I dislike the way it plays fast and loose with my privacy. And I dislike the way that confessions of last night’s party are available to all of my friends, whether personal or professional. I dislike Facebook.

Now take Twitter. Everybody’s rushing to get as many followers as possible, just to prove a bigger shoe size than everyone else. But to get someone to follow you, you have to follow him, or her, or them if it’s a company. So they follow you along with the other 20,000 tweeters they’re already following. Do you really expect them to see and notice your little tweet among that incessant stream of thousands that they couldn’t read even if they did nothing else all day?

Now take Google+. It gives me greater control over my privacy. It obviously integrates better with my other Google options. And it allows me to separate out, through Circles, my business contacts and my personal contacts, my clients and my suppliers, into as many different categories as I like. It is altogether more versatile, and probably a lot less evil than its competitors. It combines the social networking of Facebook with the information sourcing of Twitter with the business networking of LinkedIn.

Now all it needs is the same number of users as its competitors.

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