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The DNA database and the lying government

Good days to bury bad news occur when the existing news is already horrific. And the current news is truly horrific. In the UK we’ve been stunned by the depth and depravity of the press, the revelation that our police force embodies corruption, and that our politicians have been complicit. This against the background of a potential Eurozone implosion and US debt default; either of which could drag the world back into and further beyond any recession ever known. And, of course, the Norwegian massacre.

It was against this background that the UK government quietly announced on Monday that it was backtracking on its promise to remove innocent people’s DNA from the Police DNA database – despite being required by European law to do so. Despicable, underhand and cynical.

But don’t worry, they whisper. The data will be anonymised.

Clearly they think we are stupid. What good is anonymous DNA? If the DNA makes an anonymous match they’ll know that someone out of several million people is the culprit, but won’t know who. Of course it’s not anonymous. Anonymous means ‘unknown name, nameless, incognito, unidentified, unknown, secret’. What they really mean is that if a match is found, a unique code will have to be used to look up the actual name of the owner in a different database.

So to despicable, underhand and cynical we must add liars.


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