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Anonymous and 5 November: hacktivism or hypocrisy?

A quick addendum to my post on hacktivism (Where do you stand?).

The internet is abuzz with the apparent claim that Anonymous will take down Facebook on 5 November. I mentioned earlier that maybe we need to judge each individual act on its own merits. Here’s an example. While I applaud the attack on the Syrian MoD, I decry any attack on Facebook – and I cannot find any objective underlying principle for me to accept one and criticise the other (other than personal prejudice).

I do not like Facebook. I left it more than a year ago (see: Why I am leaving Facebook.). I think that Facebook should be abandoned (perhaps for Google+? we shall see).

But the idea that an anonymous group of Anonymous hackers should have the right to decide for me is simply absurd. It’s Anonymous behaving in the same way as those they decry: using force to impose their own wishes on others. If Anonymous goes ahead with this, whether they succeed or not, they should rename themselves from Anonymous to Hypocrites.

I say to the users, leave Facebook. I say to Anonymous, go and do something more fitting to your principles; don’t behave like those you oppose.

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