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David Starkey. Racist comments? Do me a favour

If you have half a brain and any form of soul, you will inevitably have socialist leanings at heart. I take that to be a self-evident truth. And I own to it.

The problem is that socialism has been usurped by the absurd Labour Party, by politically-correct lefties who understand nothing about socialism and can only stand and repeat the politically-correct lefty mantras. One of those is that all middle-class, educated white men are inherently racist.

Take David Starkey. He made a valid point: whites have become black. In an historical context, black gangsta culture has been adopted by an element of white youth, and displayed itself in the multi-racial rioting we had last week.

How in God’s name is that a racist comment? But if you saw the incident (if not, it’s here) you will have seen the PC lefties determined to brand him a racist. They didn’t exactly shout him down but continually talked over him, not listening to him and either incapable of or simply refusing to understand him.

And now, Glorious Ed, joins the bandwagon. “It was an absolutely outrageous and disgusting comment – absolutely outrageous… they are racist comments…”

I suggest the leader of the absurd Labour Party should think again, and perhaps actually listen and respond to what Starkey really said.

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