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Tragedy and scammers – we’re all basically ambulance-chasing

I was not a great admirer of Steve Jobs, the man; but a huge admirer of his talent. And although I have written that megalomania was his tragic flaw, in the end his death at just 56 is a tragedy for us all.

But it made me think. Take morality out of the picture, and his passing shows that we’re all basically ambulance-chasers in a world that moves faster than any of us. The first inkling I had was a sudden and unexplained (at the time) spike in visitors to my megalomania page. From all over the world, people had started scouring the internet for the latest news on Jobs, and some were landing on my page.

That’s how I learned the news, hours before it broke on the BBC. But the next few days are stereotypical – you could write a template and just make ‘Steve Jobs’ a variable. First come the scammers, using interest in the story to get people to visit compromised sites and open malicious attachments. Then come the security companies, releasing warnings about the scammers and phishers. And finally come the bloggers, discussing the industry warning about scammers using the source. All of us, including the scammers, are just doing our jobs.

So here I am. The next sentence is genuine, but what follows is a template. I didn’t like Steve Jobs, but the world has lost a genius. But take heed, out there: Panda and Sophos and (ad nauseam) have pointed out that the scammers are already using Jobs’ passing as a lure…

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