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Democrats 111, Toadies 483: democracy loses

October 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

In one sense it’s a resounding defeat for democracy in the UK. But truth be told I’m somewhat surprised and enormously encouraged that 111 UK Members of Parliament had the courage to stand up to their party machines and vote in accordance with the wishes of their electorate.

But what does disappoint me is the attitude of David Cameron. Here is a man who continually pledges that he will stand up to Europe, will repatriate UK sovereignty, and will allow the people of the UK to choose for themselves. But as soon as it comes to a point, he backs off and throws the whole weight of corrupt government-salaried votes behind refusing what he has promised.


ICM poll says that 70% want a referendum. 49% want to leave the EU. Empirical proof that our political class are not representing the people… Guido

His arguments are weak. He claimed that when your neighbour’s house burns, you don’t run away. I would. If there was smoke coming from the window, I’d try to save the occupants. We did that when we continually warned that a single currency couldn’t handle such vastly different economies. But if the house is burning, I’d get the hell out of it. There comes a point when you have to say there’s nothing more that I can do. My own family is more important. I shan’t sacrifice them to save a suicidal arsonist. That’s where we’re at. Europe is burning, and they did it themselves. I’d like to run away now, please, Mr Cameron.

He might believe in the EU. I don’t care – he’s entitled to. But his views are irrelevant. It is the wish of the electorate that matters. What I do not understand, and will not forgive, is his outright refusal to promise a UK referendum on Europe. It should not be beyond the wit of the leader of the United Kingdom to come up with an acceptable formula: we shall have a referendum, say, in two years time after we have renegotiated our position with Europe. I have not the slightest doubt that the British people would welcome a Europe that does not require a federal union and does not, undemocratically, impose its laws upon us.

In the meantime, Mr Cameron, you have betrayed me. I cannot forgive that.

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