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Merkel + Sarkozy = EU – democracy

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There is an inevitability to simplification. Thus spake Thermodynamics. Complex structures, left to their own devices, will inevitably evolve or devolve into simple structures. The only way to prevent or reverse this process is to reverse the dissipation of energy by adding more energy or control to the core of the structure. That’s the law of God and Nature that cannot be denied.

This law can be seen at work in today’s Europe. Europe is essentially tribal, roughly equating to the nation state. A European superstate is an unnatural system superimposed onto the tribal system and subject to 2nd Law stresses and strains. The natural process of simplification is showing in the weakest link – the Eurozone. It is threatening to catalyse the breakup of the Union itself, and return Europe to its simple tribal structure.

Political leaders recognise what is happening and understand the short-term solution – apply more energy in the form of control to the centre. That will come in the form of fiscal unity, with Europe’s finances controlled centrally from Brussels (ie, FrancoGermany). But to ensure that the new fiscal unity doesn’t itself instantly decay, Ms Merkel will need to seize the moment and force full political unity. In short, the short term solution to the Eurozone problem is a rapid morph into a fully confederated United States of Europe.

What our political leaders do not seem to grasp is that increased control at and from the centre is never a single act – it has to be a continuous and increasing process. More and more control will need to be imposed in order to ensure continuous cohesion in defiance of the 2nd Law. But the enemy or antithesis of control is democracy. It is too slow and rarely comes up with the right solution. So in order to maintain control of the unnatural United States of Europe, democracy will need to be minimised.


Greek politics is now dictated from Brussels

This is already happening. We all know that the EU is an intrinsically undemocratic institution. But look at what is happening right now. Papandreou had the temerity to suggest that the Greek people should be allowed a say in their own future. This was unacceptable, because the people might have refused the Brussels solution and demanded something different – perhaps even to control their own economic future. So he has gone, without a vote, and been replaced by Lucas Papademos. Papademos is eminently acceptable to Brussels. He was the Greek economist who, as governor of the Greek national bank, morphed the drachma into the euro; and who later served as a vice-president of the European Central Bank.

And now Italy. The markets clearly showed that they had lost faith in Berlusconi. Interest rates on loans to Italy tipped 7%, the rate generally considered to be unsustainable by government. This meant that Italy was economically doomed. But if Italy falls, then so will, wait for it, France – because the French banks are too heavily involved in Italian debt. Any fracture to the FrancoGerman alliance is unthinkable – the FrancoGerman alliance is the European Union. So Berlusconi must go, and has gone, and been replaced by Mario Monti (again, no public vote, just Brussels manipulation).

Monti, like Papademos, is perfectly acceptable to Brussels, having been European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Services, Customs, and Taxation from 1995 to 1999 and European Commissioner for Competition from 1999 to 2004. (Even more scarily, he is a leading light in the Bilderberg Group.)

But what do we mean by ‘Brussels manipulation’? We mean manipulation by the new grouping within the EU known as the Frankfurt Group. It includes Merkel (Germany), Sarkozy (France), Draghi (head of the ECB), Juncker (head of the Eurozone group), Barroso (president of the EC), and Rompuy (president of the EU). The Frankfurt Group has less to do with democracy than even the EC and EU. As Merkel reportedly told them, “The EU’s ability to act and room for manoeuvre has proven slow and complicated. If we want to seize the crisis as an opportunity, we must be prepared to act more quickly and even in unconventional ways.” ‘Unconventional’ here means ‘autocratic’. Democracy slows things down and doesn’t guarantee the correct outcome. So the Frankfurt Group has already demonstrated its willingness, and ability, to manipulate its own ends irrespective of the people’s wishes.

But remember that 2nd Law. Increasing central control in order to prevent breakdown is a continuous and increasing requirement. If FrancoGermany is already bypassing democracy to achieve its ends, this can and will only increase. In the end it will fail, just like the Russian Empire failed. The danger is that Germany and France put so much effort into maintaining the structure (which can ultimately only be by force, police or military) that when the dissolution happens, it is a bloody one.

All of this is inevitable unless all those tribal nations that can leave, starting with the UK (or even just England if it has to be that way) do so leave the EU now. Not next year. Now. There is less time than we think. The EU will eventually and inevitably break up. The longer we leave it, the more bloody it will be.

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  1. November 14, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    As far as bloodshed is concerned, there is sufficient evidence in the recorded history of Europe that a return to unrestrained nationalism should be avoided. With all its faults and deficiencies, the Union is an attempt at bringing nations together. A noble goal IMO.


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