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The problem with security paranoia is that you miss all those wonderful free offers…

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The problem with being a paranoid conspiracy-freak (which, of course, I deny) is that I see security threats round every corner and at every junction. For example, is there currently a sophisticated Sky phishing campaign going on? I got the following email:


incompetence or phishing?

There is a reason I haven’t used this email address: I don’t have a Sky account. When Barclay’s and Halifax tell me there’s a problem with an account I don’t have, I’m pretty certain it’s a scam. Why should Sky be any different?

Or is it just incompetence from Sky? I very nearly did have a Sky account. I tried to have a Sky account. In fact on three occasions I expected to get a Sky account – but each time they went to a different address to install it. After that I gave up. Given that initial incompetence, this could also be incompetence. Or phishing.

And how about this one?


Genuine promotional offer

If anybody ever says I qualify for something free, I run a mile. And this one just reeks of a scam. But it isn’t. This is an Avira advert, and I qualify to receive the promotional offer because I avail myself of Avira’s free AV.

So what to do? Abandon my paranoia? Certainly not since this is clearly a conspiracy to make me do so. But maybe I need to temper that paranoia just a little in case I miss a genuine opportunity. Maybe that lottery win is genuine after all…

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