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The worrying thing is just how determined they are to neutralise Wikileaks by taking down Assange

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I have said it before, but it is always worth repeating: Government misuses the term ‘security’. Government claims that it needs to limit our liberty in order to increase our security; but that isn’t security, it is control. Since I do not trust government, any government, how can I be secure when it exercises such absolute control over me?

The problem is that this autocratic exercise of control is increasing. Consider Wikileaks. The US government is determined to solve its Wikileaks problem. Firstly, it wants to get hold of Julian Assange in order to neutralise the site. He is to be extradited from the UK to Sweden from where he will be extradited to the USA. Have you seen the charges against him? Laughable. The most serious of the four charges is rape:

4.Rape – On 17 August 2010, in the home of the injured party [SW] in Enköping, Assange deliberately consummated sexual intercourse with her by improperly exploiting that she, due to sleep, was in a helpless state.

There are some who might suggest that lying naked next to a naked man is an indication of acceptance if not approval. In fact, you might even suggest that she [SW] had a lessened expectation of bodily privacy, particularly in light of her apparent consent. I’ve heard that phrase somewhere else…

It was the US Judge saying that the US authorities had the right to demand the personal Twitter information of non-US people not living in the USA. Specifically, it was in relation to Wikileaks. Twitter is being forced to give up data relating to a member of the Icelandic parliament (Birgitta Jonsdottir) and the Dutch XS4ALL Internet provider co-founder Rop Gonggrijp. This data includes the internet protocol addresses of users as well as bank account details, user names, screen names or other identities, mailing and other addresses.

The phrase actually used by the judge was: “Petitioners knew or should have known that their IP information was subject to examination by Twitter, so they had a lessened expectation of privacy in that information…” Sauce, geese and ganders.


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