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Don’t mention the EU. Don’t mention the EU! DON’T MENTION THE EU!!

November 27, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Probably the most popular thing any government has done!

The Cabinet Office has commented on the first 100 days of the UK’s e-petitions service.

Last Saturday marked 100 days since the new e-petitions service was launched by GDS and the Office of the Leader of the House of Commons. The service continues to be incredibly popular – on average 18 people have signed an e-petition every minute since the service started.

The report goes on to talk about the success of the system:

Of the six e-petitions which have passed the 100,000 threshold, two have been debated (the London riots and Hillsborough petitions), two are scheduled to be debated (Fuel Duty and Babar Ahmad – as part of a wider extradition debate) and one has been accepted for debate but will not be scheduled until the new year (Immigration). The only other outstanding petition, financial education in schools, is waiting for an MP to approach the Backbench Business Committee (who schedule e-petition debates), which should happen this month.
e-petitions: the first 100 days 

Funny that. I seem to remember a petition for an EU referendum passing the 100,000 mark, and being debated, some time ago. But of course that was before Merkel and Sarkozy sacked Papandreou for offering the Greek people a referendum. Cameron must be running scared: don’t mention the EU!

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