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The EU/USA PNR: an example of what I dislike most about the EU and EC

December 17, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am not alone in my concern about the new EU/USA PNR agreement, in both its content and the way in which it has been sold to us (see EU and USA initial new agreement on transfer of our personal details to the USA and Secret EU/US PNR agreement flies in the face of data protection principles. But, I am just a layman.

Now Amberhawk, a company that specialises in data protection and information law training, has published its own analysis. Have you seen the press/media coverage, it asks? Most is favourable. But  all “these assertions are somewhere between misleading and wrong.”

Amberhawk’s analysis describes eight major criticisms, ranging from

Proportionality is not an obligation; it is an aspiration… There is a requirement to be “mindful” of data protection obligations but not “conform with” or “apply” them.


There is no role for the data protection authority, not even an advisory one…

I’m not going to list all of Amberhawk’s criticisms, nor comment on them. Instead, I urge everyone, of all nationalities, to read the full article: EU/USA PNR Agreement: data protection is weak, proportionality not guaranteed, and obvious safeguards absent. And I also urge fellow Europeans to understand that this is what Britons, primarily the English, have against the EU. Most of us love Europe and love Europeans. It is just the EU, and particularly the EC, that we dislike: for duplicity, deceit and lack of democracy. The EC controls Europe by the rule of diktat.


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