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Anonymous hacker hacks Sony then gets hacked…

Anonymous has rapidly enacted its threat to harass Sony over its support for SOPA. Today it reportedly hacked Sony Pictures on Facebook.

But the real lesson I get from this is the speed with which organizations like Facebook and YouTube and in this instance WordPress can clean up after such actions. The result is that a very small number of people actually experience the event simply by accidentally being in the right place at the right time. For the rest of us, we are merely told that it happened.

I wonder about the value of this to the Anonymous cause. It reeks of what we used to call ‘fifth-form’ behaviour: look what I did. It will pass unnoticed by the people and hardly noticed by Sony. And it does little for Anonymous.

(Latest news is that the Sony hacker got hacked by another hacker. It’s all so silly and pointless when there are really serious issues at stake.)

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  1. January 12, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    Most people complain about the ability, if SOPA is enacted, to enforce google search results, as though this doesnt happen already. They try to claim that Mom and Pop listings will be pushed to the bottom of search results thru this means.

    HELLO!!! Have any of you paid attention that companies are hiring 3rd party centers to insure this is already happening? I can hire a company to commit certain ‘anonymous’ seaches to insure the post I want at the top is ALWAYS at the top. So this fear is something we should have already known exists.

    While there is some details that DEFINALTY need refining over this act (SOPA), all of you have been duped, and probably by those using the internet for VERY, VERY malicous intent; such as robbing your mothers and fathers blind thru some scam/exploit/trojan. But hey, it hasn’t happened yet… right?

    WRONG!!! In todays e-crime, these criminals can get your data and because, with todays standards, it so easy to hide behind proxies, etc; they can hold onto it until the link you knew was wierd is nothing more than a fleeting memory… then BAMMM!!! Your spending the next ten years just trying to prove to your local DMV your who your PHYSICAL birth certificate and other PHYSICAL documentaion say you are.

    But lets fall for the scare tactics, versus dealing with the actual parts needing adjustment. I support most of this bill because A LOT of it is already happening (3rd party searching/etc.)! The part that is NOT happening is what they want to stop:

    Monitoring of the SIGNAL. This, IN NO WAY, is any invasion of your privacy. It will simply detect known, and unknown, mailcous binary variants that todays Antivirus just cannot. If you aren’t in support of that, then I want to know what your upto that makes that a bad deal for you?


  2. January 6, 2012 at 10:25 am

    Couldn’t agree more. Hack attacks just give ammunition to SOPA supporters when they want to paint SOPA opponents as nut jobs and criminals. I love awareness campaigns like No SOPA Chrome add-in and Shaun Dakin’s reverse robocall stuff on SOPA but hacking wins no supporters amongst legislators and, as you say, does little as an awareness campaign.


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