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One in four crash victims lie about their injuries: 75% don’t

January 13, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

One in four crash victims admit to faking the extent of their injury in order to claim money. That is the headline. The headline should be “75% of all crash victims are honest about the true extent of their injuries.” But it won’t say that because that doesn’t suit the agenda of the author (in this case the Commons Transport Committee).

I mention this here because Detica comments that “insurers are fighting back with sophisticated analytics solutions that alert fraudulent behaviour by understanding the hidden links in their data. This enables the insurer to build a true and comprehensive picture of individual and groups of claimants, clearly identifying who are the fraudsters…”

Detica is what I classify as a ‘good’ company. However, the comment (unintended, I’m sure) simply strengthens the whole problem with our current ‘claims’ culture: it reduces the human being who has been injured through no fault of his or her own to statistics on a sheet of paper.

It also paints the victim as the culprit. The victim is the victim: the claims machinery is the culprit. I don’t have any precise figures, but I’m willing to bet that the amount the insurance company pays to the ambulance-chasing RealLawyersJust4U, and the host of expert witness ex-medical businessmen hangers-on who prod and poke the physical and emotional victim, will dwarf the amount paid out in compensation to the injured human being.

Castigating the victim is all wrong. 75% are honest. The remaining 25% are irrelevant since no-one listens to the victim anyway. It is not compensation to the victim that needs to be reduced. What is required is a change in the process so that the victim receives more and the lawyers and experts (who treat the victim as little more than a very lucrative meal-ticket) are removed from the equation. That way victims are better compensated, insurers pay out less, and insurance premiums can come down again.

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