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If in doubt – don’t

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had the following email from a friend.

scam email

Email message

This friend is big in the Truth movement – so ‘persuasion’ is strong in his agenda. He also collects, distributes and televises independent ‘truth’ videos. So it’s all reasonable, and because of the friendship I’m tempted to view.


He doesn’t usually SHOUT. He invariably says ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ – and we haven’t spoken since before the holidays. His grammar is usually a bit better, and a belated ‘happy new year’ would be typical.

So I had a niggle. Rather than checking the video I checked the sender.

Hi Friend

Happy new year! Can you confirm you sent me this?

If you did, I’ll have a gander. If you didn’t, you’ve been hacked…

Within half an hour I got a reply:

Happy new year.

I’ve been hacked!

The link in the email is redirected here, by the way. I didn’t, and wouldn’t recommend, going any further. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend going this far…

Tesco scam

Scam email destination

The moral to this tale is simple: Look before you Link.

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