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I am all your hacking needs

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I frequently reject comments that I consider to be spam or gratuitous advertising. In fact, between us, me and Akismet have denied around 20,000 comments – and counting. But Akismet missed this one – correctly, I suppose, because it’s not spam. It’s advertising. Now my arbitrary policy on gratuitous advertising is to ask myself, will it be of use to the reader? If it will, then I allow it. If not, I deny it.

But this one? Well, I suppose it might be of help to some readers…

security audit of your website(s) HACKING OF WEBSITES & Hacking Accounts which include facebook,twitter this is pretty easy,myspace,skype,and email ids.I require either a Name, Friend ID, or E-mail address of the targets account(s). I have the help of a current 0-Day Exploit that allows me to gain remote access to the website servers and from there I find the password which is usually in an MD5 hash, from that I must decrypt to get the real password. The entire process takes about 30 minutes-1 hour to complete. All passwords are tested out 3 times before they get issued to any clients.I also rip Standards from websites.I accept payment through LR (Liberty Reserve) Only.I hardly ever USE WESTERN UNION!
YOU CAN REACH ME ON :kxxxxxxxx3@yahoo.com (SEND ME AN IM THROUGH Y! MESSENGER OR MAIL)i also sell bank logins and credit cards

for your daily hacking problems AND ALSO coperate problems contact kxxxxxxxx3@yahoo.com

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