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My stories on Infosecurity Magazine last week

February 12, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last week’s news stories (Feb 6 to Feb 10):

UK attitudes to online safety and personal safety are different
The UK public are likely to trade privacy for security on the streets, but not on the wire.

UK security skills are ‘wholly inadequate’
Baroness Neville-Jones claims UK security skills are ‘wholly inadequate’.

Google Wallet vulnerable to brute forcing the PIN
Joshua Rubin discloses a Google Wallet PIN vulnerability.

Cybercrime – another business in the Malspace
Trusteer gives information on cybercrime ‘Factory Outlets’.

Intrusion upon seclusion protected by Canadian court
The Ontario Appeal Court decides that there is an action for tort on privacy breaches.

Service providers lack confidence in LEAs
Arbor Network’s review shows rise in hacktivist DDoS, and ISPs still distrust LEAs.

Copyrighting pornography; are unsecured WiFi owners to blame?
Two US court cases: can you copyright porn; and are WiFi owners automatically responsible for all downloads.

2011 review: CNI targetted, spam down, botnets up
M86’s review gives a good account of the rise and rise of the Blackhole exploit kit.

Disaster Recovery is health industry’s biggest headache
New survey from BridgeHead Software shows that disaster recovery is the health industry’s main concern for 2012.

Adobe Flash sandbox comes to Firefox on Windows
Adobe has announced that it is bringing its Flash sandbox to the Firefox browser.

EU hints on planned Strategy for Internet Security – HP comments
Neelie Kroes has given three hints on what the EU’s future Strategy for Internet Security might contain; and HP’s Dr Prescott Winter gives his thoughts.

Teampoison hacktivists deface Daily Mail recipe page
The Daily Mail, the UK’s love-to-hate right wing ragpaper, was hacked by Teampoison in a pure example of hacktivist defacement.

EU Regulation decouples privacy from data protection
Amberhawk data protection legal training company discusses aspects of the new EU Data Protection Regulation.

More breaches caused by staff than hackers
An Irish Computer Society survey highlights that more breaches are aused by staff than external hackers.

Adobe addresses PDF security problem
A new paper from Adobe discusses the problems and solutions in PDF security.

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