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The Gary Friedrich case shows why we MUST stop ACTA

February 12, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Do we really want to put the power of ACTA into the hands of the entertainment industry?

They say it is to foster and protect creativity. And people tend to believe them. In a comment to one of my posts, one person actually says “curiously the large music publishers are actually trying to provide a service to those musicians that have eschewed their services in addition to looking after their own interests.” Really?

Is this the same entertainment industry that is demanding $17,000 from the 68-year old creator of Ghost Rider because he dared to sign himself the creator of Ghost Rider when he really did create Ghost Writer. Marvel and Disney have earned many millions of dollars from his creation. He has nothing. And they want a further $17,000 from him.

This is obscene and disgusting – and are we seriously going to give these people even more power under ACTA?

ACTA must be stopped.

Marvel forces Ghost Rider creator to stop saying he’s Ghost Rider creator
Help Gary Friedrich—new donation site set up

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