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Anonymous arrests – what next?

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I see that various police forces have arrested 25 (and counting?) alleged members of Anonymous – although I’m not sure how you can be a member of something that doesn’t exist. Anonymous says it is an idea rather than an organization. Well, I have certain sympathies with some of the political protests of Anonymous (not all, I have to say, but certainly some). Does that make me a member of the Anonymous idea? Well, I hope The Law, which increasingly seems to be a law unto itself, doesn’t think so.

Anyway, here’s my predictions:

  • we will see more arrests in more countries as those that have been arrested are investigated and the confiscated computers examined
  • we will see more effective Anonymous retaliatory strikes against law enforcement websites (more effective than the very brief DDoS disruption of the Interpol site yesterday)
  • the majority of those arrested will be released; but a hard core will be prosecuted vigorously for purposes of deterrence

We shall see…

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