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Infosecurity Magazine news stories for 8/9 March 2012

My news stories on Infosecurity Magazine for Thursday 8 March and Friday 9 March…

Rogue anti-virus up and Kelihos botnet is back
GFI Software’s report for February highlights two main issues: the incidence of rogue anti-virus is continuing to increase; and the Kelihos botnet ‘taken down’ last year is resurgent.
09 March 2012

Today’s #FFF hack by Anonymous is a police equipment store
Anonymous has vowed to do a hack every Friday, calling it the #FFF campaign. Today AntiSec defaced the New York Ironworks, a police equipment supplier that describes itself as ‘NYC’s finest police equipment & tactical op’s gear store.’
09 March 2012

Vatican website DDoS’d by Anonymous
Following the AntiSec attack on PandaLabs on Tuesday, Anonymous ‘besieged’ Vatican websites on Wednesday – probably with a DDoS attack.
09 March 2012

CPA may help local authorities reduce data loss
Becrypt’s DISK Protect full-disk encryption product is the first commercial product to be granted CPA certification. By encrypting local authority laptops, it may help prevent the continuous leakage of personal data.
08 March 2012

Fake social network profiles take advantage of social ‘face bragging’
Most people have a desire to demonstrate that their own friend list is bigger than their friends’ friend lists – and it’s exposing them to fake friends.
08 March 2012

EDPS delivers Opinion on the EU data protection reforms
The European Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx has delivered his formal Opinion on the current EU data protection reforms; and finds them wanting. He starts with the “EDPS applauds…” and ends with “but…”
08 March 2012

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