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Infosecurity Magazine news stories for 12-14 March 2012

My news stories on Infosecurity Magazine for Monday 12 March to Wednesday 14 March…

BBC under attack from Iran
BBC staff face physical and emotional intimidation while BBC Persian TV services come under cyber threat from Iran.
14 March 2012

Performance comparison between Bit9, Symantec and McAfee
The Tolly Group has published a new report: ‘Comparison of Bit9 Advanced Threat Solution versus McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite and Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1’. But are they apples and oranges?
14 March 2012

Dell buys SonicWALL
In 2010 Dell bought SecureWorks, last month it bought AppAssure, and now it buys SonicWall in a move that strengthens its security stance and makes it more attractive to the corporate market.
14 March 2012

SafeNet acquires Cryptocard
SafeNet buys Cryptocard to offer the best of both worlds (local and cloud) in user authentication.
13 March 2012

Framesniffing with Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer
Security consultancy Context has produced an analysis of framesniffing, an attack technique that can data mine sensitive data through web browsers and iFrames.
13 March 2012

EPIC returns to court over NSA/Google relationship
The Electronic Privacy Information Centre is seeking to overturn the NSA’s Glomar response (neither confirming nor denying) to its FOI request for information on any post-Aurora relationship with Google.
13 March 2012

AVAST makes it easier for friends to warn each other about scams
While its customer support warns users about telephone support scams, the latest version of AVAST Software’s anti-malware product helps users help each other.
12 March 2012

The return of Kelihos
Recent reports on the return of the Kelihos demonstrate the difficulty in keeping a good bot down.
12 March 2012

ICANN contract renewal not necessarily the expected shoe-in
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has canceled the RFP for the new Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) contract currently operated by ICANN.
12 March 2012

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