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Infosecurity Magazine news stories for 15/16/19 March 2012

My news stories on Infosecurity Magazine for Thursday 15, Friday 16 and Monday 19 March…

Duqu: a government intelligence agency built cyberweapon?
Last week Kaspersky Lab announced that it had discovered an unrecognized programming language within the Duqu worm code. It asked the research community for help in diagnosis; and the research community responded.
19 March 2012

Four EU Member States to take part in ENISA’s ‘security week pilots’
Four EU Member States are planning to run national ‘security weeks’ during October 2012. The aim is to develop a fully-fledged combined EU and US Security Month by 2014.
19 March 2012

LulzSec’s Kayla given bail
Ryan Ackroyd, a 25 year-old Brit from South Yorkshire, was granted bail at Westminster Magistrates’ Court pending a plea and case management hearing at Southwark Crown Court scheduled for 11 May.
19 March 2012

Did Anonymous accidentally blow covert surveillance of Assad’s emails?
On 6 February hacktivist group Anonymous delivered a threatening email to Bashar Assad’s personal email account. On 7 February his use of that account ceased.
16 March 2012

Trends and truths in DDoS attacks
Neustar has analyzed the evolution of DDoS attacks over the last year, showing the techniques that are used and the problems that will come.
16 March 2012

Password managers on mobile devices – fail
Elcomsoft, a computer and mobile forensics specialist, is today presenting the results of its analysis of mobile device password managers at Amsterdam’s BlackHat Europe conference.
16 March 2012

Kaspersky’s February malware scorecard
Kaspersky Lab has published its monthly malware report for February, discussing Duqu, Google Wallet and Google Analytics, mobile threats and attacks on corporate networks.
15 March 2012

2011 Global Encryption Trends Study
Ponemon’s Global Encryption Trends Study commissioned by Thales is a treasure trove of insights into the corporate view of security.
15 March 2012

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes – Who watches the watchmen?
The Dutch Big Brother Awards for 2011 have been announced. There are three prize categories: People, Companies and Government.
15 March 2012

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