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Two free videos here!

OK, nudge, nudge, wink, wink – I’ve got two free videos for you to watch.

The first is available via TVShack.net, the site owned (long ago) by Richard O’Dwyer and now pwned by the ICEmen. Go there. You’ll find the ICEmen’s takedown notice. But hang around for a minute (well, about 10 seconds) and they’ll force a video on you.

It’s a nICE video. It explains how piracy is stealing money from creators and costing jobs. It’s compelling, but ultimately unrewarding. It gives no figures, no costs, no proof.

So then you must watch the second video. This one is hosted on that great underground TEDsite. It fills in the gaps. The numbers behind the Copyright Math explains scientifically why and how piracy is costing the economy and those nice entertainment industry people so many billions.

Please watch them both – you’ll enjoy being better informed.

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