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Infosecurity Magazine news stories for 02-05 April 2012

My news stories on Infosecurity Magazine from Monday 02 April until Thursday 05 April…

Anonymous UK plans to attack the Home Office
The UK faction of Anonymous has announced a campaign against the Home Office in protest against extradition arrangements with the US, and the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). It is timed for 9:00pm on Saturday.
05 April 2012

Pastebin to be better purged of ‘hurtful’ hack dumps
“I am looking to hire some extra people soon to monitor more of the website’s content, not just the items that are reported. Hopefully this will increase the speed in which we can remove sensitive information,” says Jeroen Vader, owner and developer of Pastebin.
05 April 2012

TIBCO announces intent to acquire LogLogic
TIBCO Software Inc., a Palo Alto, California-based company, has announced a definitive agreement to acquire LogLogic Inc, a privately owned firm based in San Jose.
05 April 2012

UK hacker G-Zero jailed for using Zeus and SpyEye
Edward Pearson, aka G-Zero, has been jailed for 26 months at Southwark Crown Court for “making an article for use in fraud and two counts of possession of an article for use in fraud.”
04 April 2012

Mac users: “If you have no real need for Java, remove it”
Discussing the latest drive-by threat to Mac users that exploits an unpatched Java vulnerability known as CVE-2012-0507, Graham Cluley of Sophos blogs, “My advice is that if you have no real need for Java, remove it.”
04 April 2012

Cloudmark takes issue with Ofcom
Last month, the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, Ofcom, published its ‘Adults media use and attitudes report’, noting that in some areas ‘levels of concern’ are decreasing.
04 April 2012

1.5 million infected with drive-by malware in February
A detailed statistical analysis from Barracuda Labs shows the extent of and danger from drive-by downloading on the internet: more than 10 million users were exposed to drive-by exploits in February 2012 alone.
03 April 2012

‘Procure Secure’: a new guide for monitoring cloud computing contracts
A 2011 ENISA survey demonstrated that many cloud customers do not regularly monitor their information security and concluded that customers only “find out about failing security measures when it is already too late.” This new report, ‘Procure Secure’, provides the necessary parameters for customers’ continuous security monitoring in the cloud.
03 April 2012

For online piracy, ‘three strikes’ works, says HADOPI
HADOPI says ‘three strikes’ laws work; but they don’t increase entertainment industry profits points out TorrentFreak. Can piracy actually increase legal sales?
03 April 2012

CCTV increasingly accepted by UK public
A new survey commissioned by D-Link shows that the UK, already the world’s most surveilled nation, is increasingly attracted to the use of CCTV.
02 April 2012

Imperva analyzes LulzSec’s attack tool
In its latest Hacker Intelligence Initiative report, Imperva analyzes remote and local file inclusion (RFI/LFI) attacks as favored by LulzSec.
02 April 2012

GCHQ to get real-time access to personal traffic data
The EC Data Retention Directive is already in force in the UK as a Statutory Instrument – The Data Retention (EC Directive) Regulations 2009. A proposed new bill will now force ISPs and telecommunications providers to make this data available to law enforcement in real time.
02 April 2012

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