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Anon’s Operation Trial at Home a success

It appears that the Anonymous protest against UK/US extradition was fairly successful. The BBC reports that the Home Office website was “inaccessible for several hours on Saturday night.” Although the BBC goes on to say that “It is not clear whether the protest was against email surveillance or extradition, but it could be both,” this was AnonOpUK’s #OpTrialAtHome (see my report on Infosecurity Magazine for details). The call was for a denial of service attack in protest against the extradition of McKinnon, O’Dwyer and Tappin, and that is exactly what happened.

It will not, of course, have any effect on the UK Government, a government that continually shows itself to be impervious to public opinion and in thrall to the US (McKinnon) and the entertainment industry (O’Dwyer). At the moment, McKinnon’s imminent extradition seems increasingly likely – although Home Secretary Theresa May has been given a little wriggle room. The psychiatrist Declan Murphy has now said he is not a serious suicide threat (having earlier said he was), but added, “The risk of actual self-harm could be ameliorated by regular contact with mental health professionals and with supportive counselling and listening services of the type that are available within UK prisons.”

Not being a threat could see him on a plane to the US – but he’s only not a threat if treated in a UK prison…

Talking of extradition – or more specifically rendition – I notice that the US courts have said that the UK has no right to ask the US what the UK knew about it. We have to ask them what we knew, and they won’t tell us? And these people are in charge of running the country?

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