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Monsanto 2: Vermont legislature 0: you and me less than nothing

There’s this new bill in Vermont: H.722. It says, “This bill proposes to provide that food is misbranded if it is entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering and it is not labeled as genetically engineered.” It’s a dangerous bill. It proposes that buyers of genetically engineered food should be allowed to know they are eating genetically engineered food, which is clearly a step too far. Genetic Engineer in Chief, Monsanto, is standing up for its rights. Genetic engineering really means ‘natural’, thinks Monsanto. Monsanto has threatened to sue the State of Vermont if it dares to pass this bill.

Thing is, Monsanto has done it before. Some 18 years ago Vermont required dairies that injected their cows with genetically engineered Bovine Hormone Growth serum to so label their milk. Monsanto objected and sued. And won. Apparently the First Amendment gives the dairies the right to remain silent over the use of Bovine Growth Hormone. You and me, we ain’t got no rights, coz Monsanto got more money than us.

That’s what it’s all about. Money. The money to buy important politicians. Like Obama. Actually, I don’t like Obama. But that doesn’t matter, because he likes Monsanto. And so do a lot of other politicians in Washington. So Monsanto has already won, just by threats. The Vermont legislators are dragging their feet. This bill won’t make it. And you and me will not know whether the food we eat is genetically engineered to be natural, or naturally grown to be ungenetically engineered.

Makes you sick, doesn’t it? No, it really does make you sick. Ask the Indian farmers (Monsanto connected to at least 200,000 suicides in India throughout past decade). Or that French farmer (Monsanto Guilty: Paul Francois, French Farmer, Poisoned By Biotech Giant’s Chemicals).

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