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Don’t you just love these ISP child blocks?

I see T-Mobile is at it again. I wanted to have a look at the Ardagh Group. The little I could get was from the Google search blurb: “Ardagh Group is a leading packaging business operating 88 facilities in metal, glass and technology across 25 countries. We employ 14100 people, produce in …” After that, T-Mobile blocked any further access, saying that the content was unsuitable for children.

content lock

T-Bloody-Mobile's bloody child bloody block

There’s a number of points here. Firstly, I would like to thank T-Mobile for suggesting that I am under eighteen. Secondly, I suggest that the Ardagh Group sues the arse of T-Mobile because I was about to place a £££multi-billion order with them – and now I can’t. And thirdly, I’d like to suggest that T-Mobile reconsiders the stupidity of its actions.

I have only ever paid for the service by card. They already have my card details. They know from their own records that I am actually 23.

But look at what they want to unblock the Ardagh Group and grant me access to this pornographic, paedophiliac, money laundering, drug running haven of unspeakable depravity: credit card details, not debit card details. I don’t have a bloody credit card. I only ever use a bloody debit card. How TF am I going to prove to them what they already know when they won’t accept the proof they already have?

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