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Time for ACPO to go

Back in February I commented on David Harley’s blogs on the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) National Cyber Crime Conference. David attended as a speaker. He blogged afterwards, “The constantly recurring conference theme of working with other sectors rather than using them purely as an information feed into a black box, seems a more positive approach.”

At the end of my post I said:

Incidentally, I have asked for reports from the conference, but been told that “There will not be an output report from this event but a brief summary will be available in the next week or so.” Well that’s a good start for a two-way information exchange.

I finally received the brief summary today, more than two months later. Here it is in full:

Due to the confidential nature of the discussions which took place as part of this conference, Forum members have made the decision not to publish this to a wider audience.

Well, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. The police have no right to be secretive about how they police. They should be more open – they are, after all, our servants. I am a firm supporter of elected chiefs of police and the abolition of this unaccountable, self-fulfilling, private company funded by private donations and public money that is known as ACPO. It’s time they went.

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