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Anonymous, maybe, declares a new target in the US

The strength of Anonymous is that it is decentralised. Its weakness is that it is decentralised. Even if there is a centre, it cannot claim to be the centre. By definition it cannot admit nor expel anyone; you cannot belong to an idea, you can only agree or disagree. By definition, anyone who claims to be anonymous, is Anonymous. It is like the curate’s egg.

It inevitably attracts both high-minded, principled ‘members’ and others, those who would like to be Anonymous but are merely anonymous. The difficulty for the rest of us is that it is impossible to tell Anonymous from anonymous.

So what should we make of the following message?

Our Main Focus is the biggest Problem in United States and possibly world wide.

I would suspect that is worldwide authoritarian attempts to control the internet and all who use it.

Our new Focus is to Over-Throw the Division of Child Support and Welfare

This seems to be directed specifically at US child support and welfare. There then follows an accusatory explanation of the motivation for this new target. The message ends with

Prepare to be Shutdown DCS of Washington, Alabama, NewYork, Texas, California, Kentucky, Florida, Along with Montana. Going from the highest rated Child support states from W-M Washington’s Division of Child Support will Thus Be Shut-down / All Files Erased within compliance to our Software and Every mans name given record on your files will be erased along with payments P.I.F Enjoy this while it lasts because we will be coming for you.

It is dated 3 May. But is it Anonymous or anonymous? And is there really any difference? I suggest there is. If it is Anonymous, expect to hear of some serious disruption and personal data dumps in the weeks to come. If it is anonymous, this may well be the last we hear of it. Time, as they say, will tell.

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