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My news stories on Infosecurity Magazine for 3-4 May 2012

News stories for Thursday 3 May and Friday 4 May 2012:

OpBayBack announced by Anonymous look-alike: TheWikiBoat
It was only a matter of time before one hacktivist group or another would react to the UK court-ordered ISP block on The Pirate Bay.
04 May 2012

The UK Protection of Freedoms Bill this week; telecommunications surveillance next week?
A major plank of both the Conservative and LibDem election campaigns was to ‘roll back the database state’ and curtail invasive bureaucratic surveillance. But has the Coalition achieved this? And what about the proposed communications monitoring bill?
04 May 2012

Website infection hits Israeli Institute for National Security Studies
Israeli websites frequently come under cyber attack. Now Websense reports that the Israeli Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) has been infected with malicious code ultimately leading to a Poison Ivy variant.
04 May 2012

LOIC DDoS tool – is it ‘safe’ for the user?
The DDoS weapon of choice for Anonymous activists, the Low Orbit Ion Canon (LOIC), was downloaded from the internet 381,961 times during 2011. That number has already been exceeded in 2012, with daily downloads averaging more than 3400.
04 May 2012

SOCA knocked off the web by DDoS – again
The UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency has today confirmed that a DDoS attack forced it take its website off-line at 22:00 Wednesday. As of writing, 14:30 Thursday, it is still down.
03 May 2012

UK wi-fi connectivity is inadequate
As the UK economy headed into another recession, a UKFast round table of business and technology experts, slated to discuss the digital wallet, inevitably discussed the economy and what government should do about it.
03 May 2012

The evolving role of the CISO – new study by IBM
A study by IBM’s Center for Applied Insights concludes that there are now three ‘types’ of CISO: influencers, protectors and responders. Evolution towards the ‘influencer’ role is necessary, and happening.
03 May 2012

Hackers levy an ‘idiot tax’ on Belgian bank
“While this could be called ‘blackmail,’ we prefer to think of it as an ‘idiot tax’ for leaving confidential data unprotected on a Web server,” announces an unidentified hacker group in a news statement on Pastebin.
03 May 2012

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