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Alan Sugar and Anonymous use the same tactics

Javvad Malik asked an interesting question yesterday: Is Lord Sugar an Anonymous Member? Well, obviously he isn’t, because he’s not anonymous – he’s actually the UK’s greatest and best-known Spring irritant. J4VV4D’s point is, however, well made: is there really that much difference between Lord Sugar tweeting for assistance in punishing someone (in this case a critical journalist) for saying something he doesn’t like (ie, The Apprentice), and Anonymous punishing, say, Luis Corrons? It’s a rhetorical question, because obviously there is no conceptual difference.

Incidentally, between the time he posted his call to DDoS Kevin O’Sullivan yesterday and now, there is neither retraction nor apology from Sugar: he’s far more concerned with whether Spurs can get above Arsenal by the end of the season, and his ongoing banter with/about that other great irritant (and law-bender over phone hacking) Piers Morgan.

But let’s be serious here. Sugar published O’Sullivan’s email address and called on his Twitter followers (1,923,301 at the time of writing) to ‘all email him’. I’m sure there’s a law broken here. I’m not entirely sure what it is, Data Protection Act, some form of incitement, nuisance…

Will anything be done? Of course not. This is the great and good Lord Sugar we are talking about; and the two-laws principle will apply.

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