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The Anonymous yo-yo

When I was a kid, one of my favourite pastimes was the yo-yo. Now I am growed up, I still enjoy the yo-yo: the adult version of watching a website under attack by Anonymous going up and down.

This afternoon it was Virgin Media and TalkTalk, both under fire for accepting the court-blocking of The Pirate Bay. For now, TalkTalk (at the time of writing this, early Monday evening) has not yet implemented the block, although Virgin Media became the first UK ISP to do so a few days ago. Bit quick off the mark, you might think.

In reality, there is little that the ISPs can do against a court order, but most libertarians would have like to see them defend their position as ‘carrier only’ a bit more forcefully.

Of the two sites, Virgin Media seems to have stabilised first, although it may be that Anonymous’ attention switched more to TalkTalk, which is still struggling. As an observer, I can merely conjecture. However, here’s something I will follow with interest:

TalkTalk to be kept off the internet for 2 hours!

This all happened at around 18:00 BST. Anonymous has vowed to keep TalkTalk down until 20:00 hours. The gauntlet, as they say, has been thrown down on TalkTalk.

Latest check at 18:45:

TalkTalk: Tango Down

For what it is worth, I will not condemn the Anonymous movement. I would like it to take as much care as possible to avoid damaging innocent civilians; but the fact is that governments, including and almost especially our own, are making it virtually impossible to engage in serious but peaceful protest. Clandestine, covert internet protest is the last refuge of the dissident, even in the UK, Europe and the USA.

UPDATE: 17:00 – both TalkTalk and Virgin Media are up, but too slow to be usable.

19:05 – TalkTalk down.

19:10 – Virgin Media down.


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