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NGMR – next generation motorised ransomware

You can see it, can’t you: “Your driverless GoogleCar has been disabled by order of the Nevada State Police for speeding/transporting minors across state lines/distributing spam/running a red light in Reno, 04/03/2012 22:03:45/driving with a faulty tail light delete as applicable or all of the above. Your engine will be re-enabled on payment of a $99.00 fine payable…” It’s NGMR – next generation motorised ransomware.

Raj Samani, a great guy and CTO at McAfee, hinted at this in an email:

Wireless devices like web-based vehicle-immobilisation systems that can remotely disable a car could potentially be used maliciously to disable cars belonging to unsuspecting owners. And you won’t know what hit you until the malware strikes. There was a recent situation in Texas where it was reported that 100 vehicles were disabled from a remote disable system. The system had been installed by the car dealership, but was maliciously manipulated by a disgruntled former employee who remotely disabled the cars and wreaked havoc by setting off the car horns.

He was commenting on “news that Nevada has officially issued licenses to Google for driverless cars.” But clearly Google does not think he is such a great guy: it dumped the email into my spam folder:


Well, it’s certainly standard political practice: discredit dissent

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