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News stories on Infosecurity Magazine, Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 May, 2012

My news stories for yesterday and today…

Canada’s interception bill C-30 dead in the water?
For all intents and purposes, the bill is dead; it appears that Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ plans to ease police tracking of those who use the web for criminal purposes has been shelved.
16 May 2012

New iOS jailbreak expected next week
This year’s Hack-in-the-Box Netherlands security conference takes place next week at the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, and will be the first ever week-long HITB event. A new iOS jailbreak is expected.
16 May 2012

UK companies are cyber self-confident
A new study by BAE Systems Detica shows that British business is pessimistic about security in general, but strangely confident about its own.
16 May 2012

The danger in service operators’ censorship filters
Yesterday we reported that the German Pirate Party had been ‘accidentally’ blocked by an automatic content filtering system used by many German schools. And yesterday the Open Rights Group and the LSE Media Policy Unit published a new report: Mobile Internet censorship: What’s happening and what we can do about it.
15 May 2012

Security is driving cloud adoption
In its 2012 Disaster Preparedness survey, Symantec finds a link between the three great movers of contemporary computing: virtualization, cloud computing and mobility. That link, surprisingly, is security – or more specifically, it is the need for adequate disaster recovery capabilities.
15 May 2012

How safe is your iCloud data?
Last month, Ars Technica asked the question, ‘Can Apple give police a key to your encrypted iPhone data?’ It concluded that it probably could not for the data on the device; but probably could for data stored in iCloud. Now the question has less relevance, with the latest version of ElcomSoft’s EPPB and the increasing use of iCloud.
15 May 2012

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