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Why did TheWikiBoat’s OpNewSon fail?

TheWikiBoat’s OpNewSon, which commenced at midnight on Friday 25th May, falls somewhere between a fail and an abject fail.

It was announced on 11 April. “On the day of the operation, we plan to hit and attack several high corporate entities,” said TheWikiBoat. “Those targets are none other then the ones who ultimately rule: the high revenue making companies of the world.” The attack would be multi-phased: first a DDoS followed by a hack resulting in the leak of “highly classified data from the targets”.

Somehow, this description grew into an attack on 46 major global companies, including Bank Of America, Apple, Wal-Mart, Tesco and others. I can find no source for this, so it could either be journalistic licence or a passing comment on an IRC channel. I did a preview of OpNewSon on Infosecurity Magazine: TheWikiBoat’s OpNewSon fires today.

But OpNewSon never matched its claims. In the event, it seems that only one site, BethBlog, was attacked with debatable success. BethBlog is the online home of Bethesda Software, a game developer and publisher and not of “the ones who ultimately rule”. In security terms it would be classified a soft target.

So what do we make of TheWikiBoat now? Is it a group of wannabees looking for the notoriety of LulzSec and the fame of Anonymous, but with more chutzpah than skill? That is bound to be the first reaction, and it may well be right. It may also be wrong.

TheWikiBoat seems to be blaming VoxAnon for pulling the IRC channel and effectively leaving the wiki boat without a rudder. Given the global nature of its members and the many different time zones involved, it became impossible to focus the fire power. Could be. Or it could be the group just didn’t get the LOIC critical mass; it could be they didn’t have the fire power to focus.

Either way, you cannot imagine either Anonymous or LulzSec making such a mess of such a well publicised plan. Personally, I hope TheWikiBoat disbands. If they have skills, then they should use their skills for good. Lulz for lulz sake is just childish. And if they are wannabees, they should simply grow up. There is already too much wrong in this world to add to it.

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  1. Hello Mello
    May 29, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Winners in this case are ddos protection vendors. I am sure they gained lots of customers, big customers.


  2. Carl Herberger
    May 27, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    Nice job with this analysis Kevin!


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