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My news stories on Infosecurity Magazine, 6/7 June 2012

My news stories yesterday and today:

Meet DDSpy, the new Android spyware
NQ Mobile has issued an alert on new phone-home Android spyware it calls DDSpy – ready and waiting with an interface for GPS uploading for future development.
07 June 2012

Bieber Hackers and the Anonymous image problem
Anonymous is engaged in a war against the abuse of authority. This concept has general appeal. But the very structure of Anonymous, and the inevitable internecine strife, means it will likely lose the battle for ‘hearts and minds’.
07 June 2012

LinkedIn leak: The next chapter
Yesterday it emerged that LinkedIn, a social network for business and professionals, has been hacked – and 6.5 million hashed passwords have been posted to the internet.
07 June 2012

Flame: why was it missed for so long?
While the in-depth analysis of Flame continues, and we learn more and more about its intricacies and capabilities, one question remains: why did the AV industry fail to spot it earlier?
06 June 2012

Google warns users about state-sponsored attacks
Eric Grosse, Google’s VP security engineering, has announced that the company will start to display a warning banner for users it believes may be subject to state-sponsored attacks.
06 June 2012

EU Regulation on eSignatures Proposed
On bank holiday Monday 4 June, the European Commission adopted a proposal for a Regulation ‘on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market’.
06 June 2012

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