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tangodown supremecourt.gov.uk

The UK’s Supreme Court has been upsetting more than a few people just recently. Firstly, it controversially ordered UK ISPs to block The Pirate Bay (some have, some are yet to do so). But more recently, it decided that a public prosecutor in Sweden can be defined as a judicial authority as far as the UK law and European Address Warrants (EAW) are concerned. It’s another controversial decision; and logically one that goes against the wishes of the UK parliament. In short, it requires a very European view to do so (the argument from the judge is that the EU requirement for European Arrest Warrants was delivered in both English and French, and that the UK should therefore consider the French interpretation).

That seems somewhat strange, and in terms of natural justice and UK sovereignty, just plain wrong.

But my opinion is irrelevant – it is what the Supreme Court rules that matters. And the result of this strange un-English decision is that Julian Assange will almost certainly be extradited to Sweden; and from thence taken to a place called the United States.

Given the actors involved, I’ve been waiting for the notice. It came this evening at about 8:30pm. It was simple: “Tangodown supremecourt.gov.uk”.

supreme court

tangodown supremecourt.gov.uk

It’s now 21:11, and it’s still down. Anonymous is telling the Supreme Court what it thinks of those recent decisions – and it will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

22:00 – still down

22:30 – still down

22:53 – back up


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