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The Uber Hacker Vs the Bieber Hackers

JesterA few days ago, Jester replaced Cyberguerilla.info with his own banner: “This Account Has Been Suspended”. This was in retaliation for Cyberguerilla’s support for UGNazi. UGNazi had attacked Wounded Warriors because Jester supports them – and UGNazi doesn’t like Jester for oh so many reasons. Such as Jester attacking WikiLeaks because of the Bradley Manning leaks.

That, I think, is the basic history if not all the details.

UGNaziJester is disliked by many. His arrogance, his firm support for the Law Enforcement collective against the Anonymous collective, his attack on WikiLeaks, his suggested involvement in the TeaMp0isoN arrests all ensure this. But none deny his cyberskills – he is the Uber Hacker.

UGNazi are like the new kids on the block – noisy, showy, and brash. Such ‘new kids’ are sometimes described as Bieber Hackers. With the mutual dislike between the two sides, we now have the inevitable: the Uber Hacker Vs the Bieber Hackers.

On 1 June, Jester made his intentions clear with a taunting placeholder for “The Fortunate Demise of UGNazi in Words, Pictures and Logfiles”, adding his own war cry: ‘ticktock’.

On 7 June he updated this.

jester note

Jester has given himself a timetable. For the moment, the visible side of this war is being fought on Twitter. UGNazi responded, “Fuck clocks”. But twelve hours ago Jester made his intentions clear: “I’ve had thousands hunting me for 2 yrs. Now u got same, how long will u last?”

Jester’s intention is not to take UGNazi down, but to take UGNazi out. And he has said he will do so within the next three weeks. We shall see.

But I’ll add one thing. I may be speaking out of turn, but this is a sideshow. It is not Anonymous.

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