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Well, I’m not a bloody criminal – not yet, anyway

If you haven’t broken the law, you’ve got nothing to worry about, they keep telling us.

But it’s because I haven’t broken the law, they’ve got no bloody right to spy on me.

I hope the TOR website is braced for a million hits from the UK when the new draft Communications Bill is published today. I hope these free VPNs remain free, and we get a few more to boot. I hope Tesco keeps selling those very cheap throwaway SIMs. I hope Rick Falkvinge is the next President of the European Commission.

And I hope we get more and more and more proxies for more and more and more destinations. (The UK Pirate Party’s Pirate Bay proxy still works, by the way.)

I am not a criminal. Not yet anyway. I would like to tell the world, however, that my government’s illegal and unjustified theft of my personal liberty seems to be determined to make me one. The only current growth in the UK is the length of David Cameron’s nose.

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  1. stev.z.
    June 19, 2012 at 7:13 am

    but your gouverment caries about your,roof up your head,your social cecurity,your scool,that you can travel with the metro,bus and that you can predig sutch a bull….!think first!
    why don’t you go to the Amazones in the jungle- there is enough ”freedom”!


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