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Reckz0r hacks MasterCard and Visa. Anonymous says no.

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ITpro’s story on the alleged Reckz0r hack

ITpro has a short story on an alleged hack by Reckz0r:

“VISA & MasterCard HACKED – I just leaked a half data of VISA & MasterCard, the full one is about 50GB or bigger,” said Reckz0r.

Let’s be very clear: ITpro is being absolutely correct here. It clearly has some doubts, using the word ‘claims’ twice and ‘alleged’ once. It finishes by saying, “IT Pro was awaiting a response from MasterCard and Visa to confirm the authenticity of the data as this article went to press.”

I didn’t want to wait. I asked Anonymous if Reckz0r’s claims were true.

“Dude,” I was told, “never trust that guy. Reckz0r is a 14 year-old liar.”

OK, we should take the age with a pinch of salt (Reckz0r has been doxed elsewhere as a 24 year-old Saudi Arabian); but the metaphor is clear – Reckz0r is a kid in the playground.

In fact that image is re-inforced by a subsequent tweet from Jester:

reckz0r jester

Jester commenting on Reckz0r

One of the accusations against Reckz0r was that he ‘fake doxed Jester’, which might explain Jester’s arrival on the scene. But back to Anonymous. “He [Reckz0r] is considered the village idiot in Anonymous circles. He pretended he hacked Sony for LulzSec; he pretended he hacked sites that UGNAZI hacked. He has just faked another hack like he always does. Pure Bieber Hacker.”

OK, if this is just another faking story, why should I bother with it? “I would never open a file from an idiot like Reckz0r,” said Anonymous. “He is probably trying to spread a botnet.”

So there you have it: security advice from Anonymous. Do you really want to download an unknown file from a Bieber Hacker?

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  1. Sherlock
    June 19, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    i find it very fascinating, being a detective and stuff. hacker actions indeed a bit lame, crisis remember? i would use such pc skills for better means..you would be suprised about the age, a lot of computer geeks are middle-aged. I don’t think he’s arabian, just bad at using google translator, his dutch is a bit off.


  2. June 18, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    “Reckz0r’s pathetic. I mean, really? Copying a random card list from Gaza-Hacker and claiming that you consummated VISA & Mastercard? wow.” care of https://twitter.com/#!/OfficialComrade


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