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I’m afraid I cannot engage in any conversation with you

Last week I reported on an interview between a constituent and his MP, Dame Joan Ruddock. You can see the full story here: In the upper reaches of society, where does inept end and corrupt begin? In brief, however, the constituent has a complaint about his treatment by the local police, and subsequent inconsistencies in police documents.

During the interview the MP says, “I will consider everything you have said about the inconsistencies with a view to seeing if there is any reason why I should reconsider my position… I will get back to you in due course…” Tuesday was mentioned.

Tuesday came and went, so the constituent telephoned the MP’s office. This is what happened.

click for link

“I’m afraid I can’t engage in any conversation with you.” Is this really the treatment a constituent should expect from his MP?

I don’t want to tell you what I think of this. Instead I would rather you listen to the evidence itself: the initial conversation here, and then this latest one. Decide for yourself.

Our members of parliament have learned nothing from the expenses scandal. They still think we work for them, rather than pay them to work for us.

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