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How long until the RIAA tries to shut down Dropbox?

No, really. It’s a logical step. Consider…

The RIAA has demanded that CNET’s download.com remove a product that could be used, among very many other legal and valid purposes, to facilitate copyright infringement. It’s the Free YouTube Downloader, and I guess they’re worried that some of its users might use it to download, convert, store and replay copyrighted material. (Get it here now; not because you want it, not because you need it, not because you’re ever going to use it – but simply because they don’t want you to have it.)

But if they consider Free YouTube Downloader to be a problem, what are they going to do about Dropbox? Or more specifically, Dropbox + Boxopus? Boxopus is a third-party ‘add-on’ service to Dropbox.

Our Boxopus is one of the kind. He lives in the bottomless abyss of the Internet. He can stretch his tentacles and reach any content on the number of torrent-sites. Just feed him with a torrent! Whenever you do it, he’ll grab the file you need and put it in your Dropbox in a little time.

Using Boxopus to do all the work, you can now download and synchronise torrents to all of your Dropbox clients without needing a torrent client, and – wait for it – anonymously.

Oh, the RIAA is going to love this.

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