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The UK and the USA – identical in war and law

The text books say there are fifty states in the USA, plus Washington DC. Actually, there are fifty-one states, plus Washington DC. That elusive fifty-first state is the UK, whose lawmakers and intelligence agencies so closely mimic the USA you have to suspect they are instructed by the same.

The latest examples are the Cybersecurity Act in the US and the Communications Bill in the UK. EFF describes the Cybersecurity Act as “a bill that would allow Internet companies to monitor the sensitive communications of users and pass that data to the government without any judicial oversight.” It adds, “In response to ongoing delays in passing the bill, backers of the Cybersecurity Act have been attempting to drum up fears about catastrophic cyberattacks.”

EFF specifically mentions Army Gen. Keith Alexander, head of the Pentagon’s Cyber Command, who just a week ago said, “The conflict is growing, the probability for crisis is mounting. While we have the time, we should think about and enact those things that we need to ensure our security in this area. Do it now, before a crisis.”

Meanwhile, back in the good ol’ Ranch UK, the Open Rights Group says of the Communications Bill, “We have dubbed it the Snoopers Charter, because we believe it is a significant threat to our privacy. It marks a serious increase in the powers the state has to order any communications provider – whether it is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) like BT or an Internet company like Google – to collect, store and provide access to our information about our emails, online conversations and texts,” adding that “there will be no external, meaningful and direct oversight of access requests,” (that is, no judicial oversight). Cybersecurity Act = Communications Bill.

But, just like the Cybersecurity Act, the Communications Bill is not without its critics. So who does the UK roll out in defence? None other than the head of MI5, Jonathan Evans. In a speech, titled, ‘The Olympics and Beyond’, he concludes, “the proposed legislation [ie, Communications Bill] to ensure that communications data continues to be available to the police and security agencies in the future, as it has in the past, is in my view a necessary and proportionate measure to ensure that crimes, including terrorist crimes, can be prevented, detected and punished. It would be extraordinary and self-defeating if terrorists and criminals were able to adopt new technologies in order to facilitate their activities while the law enforcement and security agencies were not permitted to keep pace with those same technological changes.” Pentagon = MI5.

I cannot go any further without pointing out that “as it has in the past” is so misleading and such a distortion of reality that it is, too all intents and purposes, nothing short of a blatant lie. However, that aside, it is clear that the UK and the USA act in complete unison in both war and law – and I see no reason to claim that the UK is still a sovereign nation.

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