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A Microsoft-made tablet? Big mistake

Microsoft once ruled a roost that is now dominated by that great cock, Apple. Apple dwarfs all other technology – in fact, all – companies. And Microsoft is jealous.

Apple’s secret is that it owns both the hardware and the software; and is a must-have brand. Microsoft owns only the software; and for many is a must-not-have brand. None of this is written in stone.

But Microsoft’s solution is just plain wrong. It is planning to build its own tablet, to compete with the iPad and Android.

This would be a mistake. Microsoft should remember its roots (software) and its history (it destroyed IBM’s PC-DOS, and the IBM PC, by making MS-DOS available to any and all hardware manufacturers; but made none itself). Google has learnt this lesson. Android is the antithesis – and possibly the ultimate nemesis – of iOS. It is open, cheap, and available to all hardware manufacturers.

Microsoft’s latest plan for its own tablet will merely hasten its own demise. Already, MS-fanboy Acer has said, “If Microsoft is going to do hardware business, what should we do? Should we still rely on Microsoft, or should we find other alternatives?” There’s some sort of advice here: if you want to rule the roost, don’t shit in your own hen-house.

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